Apo Kono Eh Jang.!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stay with me...

Girl there are things I need to say
You are the one who helps me do it all
Love that you gave in every way
Shine in my heart and cast my blues away

I think about
Every moment in time
When I'm not holding you
There is a sadness I find
And it keeps ringing throu

Stay with me and hold me close
Your love is what I need the most
I really want you by my side
So stay with me tonight

Close your eyes and try to see
All the things this night can be
I mean to give you everything
So stay with me tonight

Girl I just need to let you know
Just how much you truly mean to me
You you're a window to my soul
You let your light come into make me home

So many nights we leave behind
Please let me make this one
The drum of your life

Stay with me, stay with me tonight
All your love
Are to be with you tonight
Close your eyes and see
All the things ooh I will give to you


NuRul said...

apasai aku tengok ko ni semenjak dua menjak ni jiwang wahahahaha~jgn marah bro

Black: said...

Nurul~ biasa la.. pantai timur pun ada musim tengkujuh.. ni kan plak..